fredag 15. april 2011

Pathetic on a whole new level from AZ - and something about Bert.

I've been reading some news and blogs and there are a nice little piece from a Phoenix paper that I wanna comment on. Or maybe rather... point at and laugh. Have a look at this slice of dignity and genius from AZ Central:

...So, a plea to all Red Wings fans living in the Valley:

If you must go to the games in Arizona, please wear white. We don't want outsiders thinking we can't sell out playoff games. After all we've been through - from bankruptcy hearings to relocation threats - the last thing we need is more national embarrassment.

A sea of red at Arena would do just that.

If you're a Detroit fan who otherwise cheers for the Coyotes, understand what this does to your second-favorite hockey team, and how deflating it must be to take the ice for a playoff game and hear:

"Let's go Red Wings!"

By the way, that chant broke out at a Valley restaurant Monday morning...

So... lemme get this straight... They expect Wings fans coming to the game to not wear their team's colours and not support their team, but just silently sit still and watch the game? Really? These fans pay for tickets, which help the Coyotes, and they also are fans of an organization that heavily FUNDS the Coyotes. And still, they're supposed to shut up? Because it's embarassing to Glendale and the Garys. Yeah, it kinda is, but if more Yotes fans bought tickets, if more Yotes fans had season tickets, which would give them priority on these tickets, there wouldn't be room for those Wings fans. And every fan in every building has every right to wear the colours of and support his team when they are playing, no matter what. So, the only thing I can do is look at this and laugh. It's pathetic. God, how I look forward to hockey disappearing from that city.

Anywho, over to a story that I love, love, love: Todd Motherfucking Bertuzzi. Todd has been better and better and more and more physical lately. Last night he changed thr whole feel of the game by taking on Rusty Klesla. Good thing they fell down, cause Todd looked like he was gonna beat the shit outta him. And the chant from the Joe was deafening! "TODD BER-TUZZI!". Such a great moment for Todd.

There are so many fucking morons around on Twitter talking shit about Todd. Saying he shouldn't be allowed to play anymore. Saying he's a disgrace to hockey. Was what he did very, very bad? Yes it was. And he knows it. He's been afraid to do anything physical for seven years because of it. And he was crushed by it. He apologized immediately and did his time. He changed his ways. And bear in mind that the injuries to Steve Moore (not at all an angel himself by the way) would in no way have been as big if there hadn't been ten Avs morons jumping on top of Bert and Moore. Not defending what he did, just saying. But Bert changed, Bert struggled. And then Bert came to Detroit for the second time. He found a home where he committed to the system, he is welcome here and he is a great teammate. On the ice he gets better and better. He gives everything for this team and he is part of it. It's moving to me. He has redeemed himself. He has found his home. There are many guys the Wings should win a cup for for different reasons, but winning it for Bert is the biggest one in my mind. Let's win this one for Bert! He deserves it. And if we do, well, we're not Colorado, so we won't do anything, but if we were Colorado we'd totally retire his jersey. But even though we won't, we still love Bert and we're happy to call him a Red Wing. When all is said and done, hopefully years from now, Bert isn't gonna be a Canuck, a Flame or a Duck. He's gonna be a Red Wing. Welcome home Todd, we're thankful to have you here.

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