tirsdag 12. april 2011

Western playoff preview

Oh, hi there! New look here as you can see, but it's still a work in progress when it comes to the background. Every inch of credit for the work done so far and the work to come regarding the layout goes to the very talented @drdougfresh of The Detroit Transplant. Tune in for the the finalized version of this site later today or tomorrow. Until then here is how I see the three Western Conference matchups that don't include the Wings ending up:

Chicago Blackhawks @ Vancouver Canucks
The Canucks won the President's trophy with 117 points. A decisive win. Enjoy how that feels and how much that means when you're bounced in the second round. This Vancover team has never proven themself as a legitimate playoff team and Luongo has never proven himself as a playoff goalie. The Hawks on the other hand got the 8th spot with 97 points, but shouldn't really even be in the playoffs at all. Damn Stars.

- Will the Canucks be driven crazy over Chelsea Dagger?
- Who will pester Luongo now that Byfuglien is gone?
- How futile and useless will Hossa be this year?
- Will anyone be able to tell the Sedins apart?
- Can the ghost of past playoff battles stop the Canucks?
- The Canucks might not be awesome at the playoff thing, but they should be able to beat the God damn cocksucking Blackhawks. In five games.

Los Angeles Kings @ San Jose Sharks
The Sharks took the second spot in the West with 105 points, the Kings took the seventh with 98. Weee! Somehow this Battle of California is often referred to as the first since 1970-something. Ehhh? Sharks vs Ducks in 09? Oh, for Sharks fans that is a repressed memory I guess.

- The Kings are without Kopitar and other scorers. Can they overcome this?
- The Kings are young and talented, but are they too inexperienced?
- How much more will Doughty's play deteriorate this year?
- The Sharks shed their label as chokers last year by knocking out the Avs and Wings. Then they choked big time against Chicago. Ehhh?
- Gotta say the Sharks. In four.

Nashville Predators @ Anaheim Ducks
The Ducks placed fourth with 99 points, the same as the fifth placed Preds. Two of the dirtiest, gooniest teams in the league colliding here. Hard to predict this series, but the team getting out of it will be beat up.

- How many times will we get the pleasure of seeing someone we hate get beat up?...by someone we hate?
- Can Shea Weber please shoot Corey "MVP" "Pavel's bitch" Perry in the leg or something? (I was gonna say face, but.. eh)
- How much will everyone fawn over Teemu "dive harder bitch" Selänne? (Yeah, still bitter from his embellishment in game 7).
- Do the Ducks have a goalie?
- Barry Trotz is your Adams winner in my book.
- Gotta go with violence and douchery as the winner here. And the Preds in seven.

Wings and Jets preview to come sometime later... I think.

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